Basic Guide to Different Types of Schools

There are so many different types of schools you will come across when you are searching for a school that is just right for your child. You have to consider the pros and cons of the schools to see which is a better fit. But it also depends on your opinions regarding education philosophies and the personality of your child. 

Private and public schools are the main category. A big difference is the application process and funding. Public schools are funded by the state while private schools require parents to pay for tuition. The tuition amount can vary according to the school but you can also consider payment options and scholarship opportunities. Also, there is a screening process for private schools and they will not accept every student. So you need to go through the criteria they have set out on their admissions page to see whether your child will be eligible. There are also private boarding schools where your child can live and study. This provides them with a unique experience and fosters independence from a young age. They will learn to adapt to different environments and will be exposed to more challenges and new experiences. There is also more diversity in a boarding school when compared to a private day school. This further broadens the world view of your child. Boarding schools have a big focus on after-school or extracurricular activities as there are more opportunities for the children to engage in them. This will contribute to a balanced individual who has an appreciation for all walks of life.

There are single sex schools where only one gender of students will be admitted. These can be day schools or boarding schools. These schools focus on empowering the students and allowing more freedom. When it comes to girls’ school, there is a lot of emphasis on nurturing leadership qualities and self-confidence. Then there are co-ed private schools Brisbane where both genders learn and grow in the same environment. This exposes the students to the opposite sex from a young age and it allows them to understand each other a little better and develop respect for each other. And this is the environment they will be exposed to after they graduate from school so it prepares them for the outside society a little better. It gives them self-confidence to stand their ground even in a new environment. The positives of each other can rub off on them; the attentiveness of the girls will encourage the boys to work harder and the activeness of the boys will encourage the girls to try new things. They will inspire each other.

There are also religious schools such as Christian schools that focus on Christian teachings and values. There is more emphasis on spiritual improvement along with academic achievement. There are special needs schools as well to give your child a leg up in their education. They will be taught by instructors who understand what they are going through and have the training and certification to teach special needs children.