Comparing Mesh vs. Leather Office Chairs

There are so many options available when it comes to office chairs. Two popular options you will come across are mesh and leather office chairs. In this article, we will consider their benefits and how they cater to different needs.

When it comes to mesh chairs

They have a breathable mesh fabric that is stretched over a frame and you will be able to enjoy a lightweight seating experience. Air will be able to freely circular in a mesh office chair Perth and this will prevent the build-up of heat. You can sit on this chair for an extended period of time comfortably. The flexible mesh material will conform to your body contours so that you will be provided adequate support to maintain proper posture. Pressure points are reduced as a result and this will minimise discomfort. You can find chairs with high quality mesh materials that are known for their durability. These are less prone to wear and tear compared to traditional upholstered chairs so you can actually use this for a long time. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain mesh. Any debris or dust on the mesh can be brushed off easily and you can use a damp cloth to wipe any spills off. There is also a modern aesthetic to mesh chairs. They have a minimal appearance that can complement a variety of workplace settings.

There is timeless elegance

When it comes to leather office chairs and they are used in many executive offices and meeting rooms. You can find faux leather or genuine leather office chairs. There is a plush and luxurious feel provided by the leather chairs. These will have padded cushions and it is quite comfortable to sit on the soft texture of leather. High quality leather is durable and you will be able to use these chairs for many years without losing their structural integrity as long as you maintain them well. Leather office chairs will never go out of style and they are a popular choice when it comes to high profile settings. They have a refined appearance that does well in professional environments. These are also associated with prestige and status.


Leather chairs can feel less breathable especially when it comes to hot weather so if you are working in a warm environment, mesh chairs will be a better choice. But you have to consider your personal preferences and aesthetic considerations as well. Mesh chairs tend to have a modern minimal design while leather chairs have a classic elegance. The budget is another factor to consider. Leather chairs tend to be more expensive compared to the mesh chairs as genuine leather upholstery can cost more. But if you are looking for the appearance of leather at a more affordable price point, you can consider faux leather upholstery. Mesh chairs are easier to clean and maintain comparatively as leather chairs will need occasional conditioning to preserve their appearance. However, both options are quite durable and long lasting.