How to Choose the Right Bed Linen?

Who does not love the feeling of soft sheets at the end of a long day? Furthermore, the saying that a bed is the easiest hello and hardest goodbye is in fact quite true. Your bed should be your safest and comfiest sanctuary. However soft and fluffy sheets are not that easy to find, there are some extremely rough or thick bed linen that can be uncomfortable and itchy.

So how do you know just what to purchase when it comes to your bed linen? Whether it is your bed sheet or quit and pillows choosing the right one is important as this determines how well you sleep. Therefore, here are a few great steps when it comes to choosing the right bed linen.

The Thread Count

An amateur might not be sure how the thread count makes difference but once you really start getting into the different textures you will understand why thread count is so important. The thread count determines how light or heavy the sheet may feel. Although only thread count does not determine quality it determines what kind of bed linen you want.


The most common form of bed linen is the cotton sheet. However, this too varies in texture depending on the place the fabric originates. Egyptian cotton is known to be very smooth and comfortable. Silk is also soft and light. Although the material can also be determined by where you stay, linen, which is probably the most expensive material, is one of the best for hot climates.

It is an airy and light material that lets air circulate within the fabric allowing cool and comfortable sleep. This too can be applicable for quilts and blankets as the main use of both of these are to ensure warmth the material it uses is very important.

Soft material can ensure that while the quilt traps in the warmth it also feels soft on the body hence why the feeling should be like sinking into the bed. If you are looking for high-quality quilts check out linen house quilt covers set to fit various bed sizes.


Some of us prefer the single-colored sheets that look pristine and neat however it is nice to spruce how your room looks by having patterned sheets. There are tons of patterns and colors that you can choose from to suit the kind of vibe you are looking to create for your bedroom.

The season

During winter it is obvious that your bedding will need to be thicker and warmer in order to keep heat in. bedding during this season will be heavier. However, once it comes into summer or the warmer months, while you still want comfortable sheets the need is to keep your bed and body cool.

Linen or cotton sheets are ideal for this type of weather as it helps air circulate and does not leave you drenched in sweat. Either way, bedding should completely depend on your preference, as only you know what you love.

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