Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Clothes for Kids

Every mom would love dressing their kids up. Here are some mistakes you shouldn’t make when buying clothes for kids.

Not taking ‘Quality’ Seriously

Quality is important, not quantity, when it comes to kids clothing at least. Many parents want their kids to have a lot of clothes, which is not a bad thing of course. But what’s more important is that your kids have quality clothing that they can use for long. In other words, choose quality over quantity if you want to be more practical when choosing clothing for your little ones.

Not Getting the Right Size

Most parents opt for slightly bigger size, keeping in mind that kids grow real fast, and can outgrow their clothing in no time. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you do not get oversized clothing that can not only look unattractive, but also cause discomfort to the child, making them unhappy and irritable, which is the last thing you want! Opt for just one size bigger, that too, only if it looks and feels right on your child.

Opting for Unsuitable Clothing

It is important to keep the occasion in mind and choose clothing accordingly. A lot of parents make the mistake of dressing their kids inappropriately at specific occasions, which certainly can have negative effects on the way your child feels amidst a crowd.

Thus, always think about the occasion, or the purpose when you want to pick clothing for kids. Some outfits, you’ll see, are just meant for certain occasions. Mini me outfits, for instance, make a perfect choice for photoshoots. If you’ve got a family photoshoot coming up, you may want to get your mini me outfits ready! Always try to go for ideal choices, keeping occasion/purpose in mind!

Overlooking the ‘Comfort’ Factor

A lot of parents make the mistake of making their kids dress in uncomfortable clothing, especially at special occasions and parties. It is very important not to overlook the importance of comfort even if they will be dressed for a short while. You don’t want your child to simply look good at an event, but to be happy and enjoy, too. Thus, you need to see that their outfits do not hinder their happiness and freedom at a fun and joyful event.

Opting for the Wrong Colours

Almost every parent would admit to the fact that they somehow find certain colours more suitable or nicer on their child. Always go with what you already know, and try not to explore too much in terms of colour and style when it comes to kids clothing.

If you find that a certain colour looks less appealing on your child, but it turns out to be his/her favourite, consider opting for the most suitable shade and combine it with colours that complement the overall look.


Keep in mind that kids outgrow their clothing pretty fast, and that they tend to get picky as they grow. Thus, it is almost pointless spending loads on kids clothing, especially in one go! Little kids don’t really need as much as you think they do. Nor do you have to spend a lot on just one or two outfits. The outfits you spend on the most are often the least worn, or sometimes the ones that are untouched!

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