Pros and Cons of Wearing a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are ideal when swimming in cold water as you will be able to keep warm for longer and engage in the water sport in comfort. It is important that there are no water pockets that get collected in the suit when you are in the water as a result of improper fit. So wetsuits are designed to be snugger than your normal clothes. This can be quite restricting if you are not used to it.

You will be able to find a large variety of wetsuits in terms of price point and performance. Vissla wetsuits in particular are high-end wetsuits that are designed with a minimalist style. You can find wetsuits in different styles, patterns, and colors when you search on the net. One of the main advantages of the wetsuit is that your skin will be kept protected from the cold water as well as keeping safe from the harmful effects of the sun.

It can be hard to slather sunscreen all over your body everyday if you are a regular swimmer or surface so a wetsuit is a great way of getting instant sun protection. Wetsuit fabric with dense weaves will be able to give you better sun protection but all neoprene can give a considerable good level of safety. The wetsuit keeps you warm by heating a thin layer of water that is in contact with your skin. They can make the experience more comfortable when you are swimming in cold months.

There are also dry suits and wetsuits that are available in the market. A dry suit is completely resistant to water can keep you dry. But it is also quite loose-fitting so it can result in increased drag.  If you are surfing it is recommended to wear a wetsuit. Wetsuits can absorb some of the impacts from the waves or a collision with another surfer or board. You can go for models that have more protective features such as kneepads. If you are staying long in the water, because a wet suit fits snugly to your body, you will not need to adjust it. Because of the buoyancy provided by a wetsuit, you will be able to swim easier. You can also swim much faster than normal when you are wearing a wetsuit.

As mentioned above in the difference between a dry suit and a wetsuit, you will not be able to stay dry when you wear a wetsuit. This is because the suit lets water in and keeps it inside. The small amount of water that enters the wetsuit will work as a heated layer of insulation to keep you warm. Therefore, you will be both wet and warm in a wetsuit. If you don’t purchase a wetsuit that gives you the perfect fit, you can get a rash because of the friction of the loose elements of the suit and your skin. Also, you need to select a suit that has soft material and avoid suits made with abrasive material. These will be less irritating to the skin. You can also wear a rash guard in between your skin and the suit as a solution.

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