Tip for Choosing a Spinning Wheel

If you are interested in spinning yarn, a good way to start out is by borrowing somebody’s spinning wheel. This will give you an idea of how easy or difficult it is to handle the wheel and whether you are still dedicated to working with one. You can look for a knitting guild in your local area that will loan you a spinning wheel. You can also search online for places that rent wheels.

Before you go out and buy a spinning wheel, it is best if you can visit a fibre shop and ask their permission to try out a selection of wheels in different styles. You can get an idea of what different spinning wheel parts do and decide if this is something you would like to take up as a hobby. Trying these out before a purchase will give you an understanding of what suits your preferences. You can also go on spinning forums and join communities for tips and tricks.

Somebody who has been doing this for a long time will be able to give you a rundown of what this entails and how to use a wheel without damaging it. In the beginning, sometimes you may cause damage to the wheel unknowingly so it is best to go for a few sessions or learn with somebody who has mastered this craft. This will give you a lot of valuable information on how to start spinning.

You also have to consider your lifestyle when purchasing a spinning wheel. Think about where in your home you will be spinning and when you will have time for this. There has to be sufficient space for this. Are you dedicated to this or do you want to try it out to see if you will develop a love for the craft? Maybe you are looking for something that is portable so you can travel with it. There are also people who will spin while watching TV.

Consider if you have an idea of what type of yarn you want to spin. Some spinning wheels will be more suited for certain types of yarns and may not be able to handle everything. So if you have a preference for something, you can select a wheel that is aimed at that specifically. Or if there is no preference, you can select a wheel that is somewhere in the middle with more versatility.

There are new or used spinning wheels you can purchase depending on the budget and versatility. If you are very new to spinning, you may not be able to identify whether a used wheel is in good condition. So you can always get an experienced spinner to help out. If you have fallen in love with an antique wheel, you have to understand that they are generally used to spin specific types of yarn and therefore will not be very flexible. They can also be complicated to handle. Modern wheels will have a smaller learning curve comparatively.