Top Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Safe

The common saying goes as such: ‘some protection is better than nothing at all.’ When you come to the decision that it is time to buy yourself a safe, the decision is made because you have come to possess something that is extremely valuable and needs to be protected. Therefore just ‘Some Protection’ is not enough. Most people purchase safes just based on size and price when in fact there are so many other factors you could take into consideration as well.

Here are some tips you should consider in order to make a useful purchase:

Think About the Size Required

This is something most people do take into consideration. You should always buy a safe bigger than you think you would need to store your valuables. You could even store other items that come into your possession and are deemed valuable in the future.

Take the Security Rating Into Consideration

There are safe ratings that can help you figure out what sort of safe you will require depending on the type of goods you wish to store in it. Some of the safe ratings are UL rating, TL rating, fire rating, B-rating, and C-rating. If you need more information on this you could search for more details on the internet or inquire about this when going out to purchase the safe.

Choose the Right Lock for Your Safe

If you are unsure of whether a dial lock or an electronic lock is more secure then weigh out the pros and cons of each. It all comes down to the quality. If you are thinking of purchasing a safe with an electronic lock then make sure it is EMP resistant to provide additional protection. You could even obtain home safes that consist of redundant locks which come with both features.

A Standard Fire Resistant Safe Is Not Burglar-Safe

Cheap fire-resistant safes in the market focus primarily on providing protection against fires. Some of them can easily be cut open so make sure you do not store wads of cash or jewelry in such types of safes. If you want a safe that can provide protection against fires and burglars then a fire-safe that provides high security and is TL rated is the ideal choice for you.

Data, Media and Family Pictures Need More Protection Than a Standard Fire Resistant Safe Can Provide

Remember that fire-resistant does not mean fireproof. Fire-resistant safes maintain the internal temperature of a safe at a temperature lower than the critical temperature at which paper burns and chars. This creates moisture inside the safe which could damage or destroy sensitive data and media. In order to provide proper protection to such sensitive content, it is best to purchase a data/media safe.

There are different types of safes that you can purchase depending on the type of valuables you are to store. Do your own research on the different types of safes and their features before making a purchase. Always remember that a quality safe can provide better protection.

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