Aspects of Customizability to Consider in Buying Blinds

The importance and the benefits of blinds is well known; increased privacy and energy consumption, the control of the light, and this list goes. The popularity of blinds has pushed a handful of manufacturers to offer fully customizable solutions.

In this read, we’re going to tell you all the aspects of customizability you’d come across to make better decisions.

The Dimensional Customizability

Typically, there’s a certain variability of standardized sizes of doors and windows. Often, this framing hinders the design work and that’s why architectures are no longer restricting themselves to these matters.

If the manufacturer of your blinds isn’t unable to produce products that fit into the last millimeter of your property’s openings, that’s not industry-level customizability at all. You must always get the suitable size, not what’s there to be purchased, with customizing.

The Up-Or-Down Customizability

Not all blinds roll up, some of them roll down. Although this is one of the rare features of customizability, we included it in the list so that you know that it exists. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to choose blinds that go from top to bottom for the best convenience regardless of the method of operation.

The Operational Customizability

Usually, there are more outdoor blinds Perth over the indoor ones. You could say there was a 50/50 number of clients who use both the manual and electrical operation. But the problem comes when some manufacturers and installers restrict clients to go with predetermined operational mechanisms of their products; that’s no customizability. You should be able to select any of the blind options and have both manual and electrical operations.

The Remote Customizability (When Applicable)

If you chose electrically operated blinds, you should know that the mechanism takes place with the help of a remote. It’s going to be problematic if the company was proving a very generic remote for even the most expensive purchases because after all, the suitability of the nature of the remote almost always depends on the average user. Hence, be sure to inquire about the remote options when you are to get electrically operated blinds.

The Fabric Customizability

Just as much as you can get your desired size and the operational mechanism, you should be able to choose the fabric as well. But does it always mean that the existence of a number of fabrics is better? Not necessarily. For example, some companies do not waste on focusing on less popular or less lasting types to ensure that they always give the best solutions for the customer.

The Color Customizability

This goes almost without saying. Not all of us like the same color palletes and not all properties have the same paint. Hence, choosing an adequate color must be an available customizability aspect to ensure that the chosen blinds aesthetically synchronize with the property.


The bottom line is that the industry has improved more than ever and being keen enough to customize for your needs is the right choice. Now that you know what can be customized, your seller will be getting a rather experienced customer.

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