Check your Customer Experience
Secret shopper visits, phone calls and online

  • What your customers actually experience

  • What your customers expect

  • Whether they will come back again

  • What they tell their friends about you

Secret shopper sitting outside store

  • Service

  • Product quality & placement

  • Stock (range, levels, presentation)

  • Ambiance & premises

  • Customer Perceptions

  • Customer Expectations

  • Customer Experience

Customers in electronic store

Customers on phone call on escalator

Woman with grey hair having a bad customer experience on phone

  • Have their calls answered promptly

  • Are treated professionally

  • Are given the right information

  • Are encouraged to visit your business

  • Feel that their call was worthwhile

  • Decide to do business with you

online secret shopper clutching head in frustration

Young male shopping online looking at credit card
  • Are able to find the information they need easily

  • Would purchase from your website in real life

  • Feel confident in doing business with your company

  • Whether they will return or visit your business

  • If they would recommend your business to others

  • How your website compares with your competitors

Unhappy customer pointing at website
Happy online  customer smiling over PC
happy online customer side view
  • How soon the customer received a reply?

  • Whether their reply answered the query?

  • If the customer was satisfied with the response?

  • If the customer would be likely to buy in the future?

Delighted online customer looking at screen

Download this easy-to-follow guide to setting up a great program.

  • About your customers, and what they usually do when they contact your business

  • What's important to you and how your company works (we can work from operation manuals, company standards, franchise documents)

  • Where your locations are, how often you want secret shopping visits

That's all you have to do. We manage everything else!

  • We design your secret shopper reports, create your questionnaire(s), the 'backstories' and instructions for the secret shopper

  • We set up your website where you can follow your program and see your results

  • You login, check your program and give us the OK. Make changes if you wish. No problem.

  • That's it! We hand-pick certified shadow shoppers, matched to your customer profile, to call, visit and buy from your business.

  • Mystery shopping reports are ready in 1 business day, 24/7 on your private, customised, secure website.

People must be skilled in the right area.

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