Selecting the right furniture for your house

Furniture is one of the key elements of a residential building and is one primary functional elements of an interior space. The only factors that affect most people’s furniture selection is their price and the design. However, many other factors need to be considered to make the most of the indoor space. Furniture selection is actually an architectural process when designing homes, but it is often forgotten as many people already have furniture which they move from their previous place of residence, which allows them to skip furnishing the new building from scratch. The furniture can also be seen as a reflection of the lifestyles of the residents in a house.

Layout and Arrangement

Consider the plan of the interior before selecting furniture. The spacing between elements is important to make the house look less cluttered and helps make the space look larger than it is. This can also be achieved by painting the interior with suitable colours. Shopping for furniture is often misleading in this sense as the showrooms such as bedroom furniture Brisbane where the furniture are on display often have higher ceilings and the space is more spread out, with lighting that complement the furniture. This gives the impression that furniture might be smaller than they are, which can result in problems with the layout and arrangements. It is always advised to take the measurements of the room or house when going to a furniture store in order to select furniture with a better idea of how it’ll fit with the layout and arrangement you had in mind.


Aesthetics is one of the main considerations in interior design and is highly dependent on the furniture selection. The selected furniture should match the interior design with respect to the paint selection, colour themes, and design philosophy. The compatibility between the new furniture and existing furniture is also an important factor. It is very rarely that one decides to refurnish their entire home, so a proper match must be struck between the existing furniture such that the distinction between the old and new furniture does not create a contrast. Aside from selecting matching furniture, this can also be done by segregating the furniture to a specific area in the house.

Similar to the above, it is advised to carry a sample fabric of the required colours to compare to the furniture so that the effects of the furniture storeroom would not cloud your judgement when selecting appropriate furniture.


Although not the focus of interior design, economy is nonetheless important as finance is one of the major factors of consideration for new homeowners. It is important to decide what’s important, and to set budget limits if necessary. An introspective view should also be taken as to which types of furniture are really required. This may help in setting realistic goals relative to the space to be furnished. It might also help to shop around for different styles and materials for a combination that suits the interior at a reasonable price.

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