Tips in Features to Look for in a Vape Pod

Imagine this scenario you are a newbie in the hobby of vaping and you want to immerse in that sub-culture but you have no idea what to do and you have nobody to ask for any hints or tips. In many cases, this will discourage you to pursue such a hobby. But if you are in such a predicament, worry no more. Here are some tips in some of the most asked questions in the vaping community especially that of newbies, what vape device should I look for and purchase? Here are some hints to that question.

Refillable or Pre-filled

The first thing that you have to look for in a vape device is that is it refillable or pre-filled. Many people come looking for and instantly buy vape without knowing the details, they just assume purely that all vape pods are refillable, but they are not. There are different variations to it.

There are refillable and there are which are pre-filled. The major difference between the two is that one can save money in the long run with refillable because you can easily refill the juice inside and replaces it with another variation.

Convenience of the Price

Always look at the price never assume for a second that they have the same price for they are not and that you will have a hard time choosing which one because functionality-wise, they are all rather the same, design-wise there are many beautiful designs to choose from. All you can do is to settle for the convenience of the price. Never buy what you cannot afford. As a newbie one of the things which are greatly suggested is that you are still trying out new things so you can choose the cheapest ones for the same experience and buy a different one later.

Easy to Use

Choose the vape pod that is easy to use. Never settle for that intricate style device where you will have a hard time using. Remember you will be buying it for the sake of experiencing and enjoying the hobby and enjoying the moment thus you will never have to show off, have something that is easy to use and with it you will enjoy it much longer and will have more fun using it rather than one which is complex and is not user friendly.


Buy the one that has longer battery life. The tips are never mind the design if it has poor battery quality. Always go for the one that has longer battery life. You will be trying out a new hobby, thus it is important to have a device you can rely on, you cannot enjoy it if you are in constant need of a place to plug it, always prefer comfort and affordability rather than one that is very costly yet easily drains the battery. There are some shops that customize on replacing vape pod parts that are functional and of high quality.

Always ask around if you can ask anyone, because therein lies the answer that you are looking for especially if you are still a newbie in the hobby.

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