When to Use Reflective Tape?

Reflective tape is used for so many different applications. They can be used for domestic and commercial applications. You may have seen reflective tape on vests and clothing in people who are exercising at night or walking around at night. Many people working outside whether it is for utilities, repairs, maintenance etc. will have reflective tape on their clothing for high visibility.

You can also use reflector tape on vehicles to increase visibility. They can be used on the sides and the back which are more prone to coming into contact with another vehicle. This is an additional protective feature that people tend to use. This is generally useful when the vehicle is parked at night. When there are vehicles moving closer, they will be able to see the parked vehicle even in low light conditions and avoid an accident. You can see reflective tapes used frequently in trailers.

Bicycles tend to come with a few reflectors but you can use tape to increase the visibility even more. It is best to check if there are any regulations on using reflective tape on bicycles and other vehicles when it comes to your state or country. But generally, if any critical elements are not obstructed by the tape, you should be fine. And you will feel much safer cycling at night. You can also have the tape applied to bike helmets and other accessories such as a water bottle you have strapped onto the bike or a bag.

If you have a complicated driveway, sometimes a person who is not familiar with the layout may not see an object at the edge whether it is a handrail, post or a decorative detail. If they don’t see it, they may brush past it and it can scrape the paint off a vehicle or even give you a painful jab to the legs. To prevent this from happening, you can have reflective tape applied onto the handrail so that it can be seen even in low light.

And this will make it easier when entertaining as well. This is another step you can take to increase the safety of your guests. And this will also bring down any damage to your yard elements. Sometimes there are letterboxes located close to the driveway and they may not be immediately visible. They can be obscured by vegetation or it can just be in a darker color that will not show up in low light conditions. So you can use a small strip of reflective tape to indicate the letterbox.

It is not just road vehicles that use reflective tape. You can see these in marine transport as well. There is reflective tape on objects that protrude from ships and boats. It is also used on the underside of the boats to catch the eye of searchers who are looking for an overturned watercraft. Life jackets usually come with reflective strips but you can definitely add a few more strips just to be safer. And make sure you have a few strips on your child’s backpack as this can increase visibility of your little one.